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Stop paying $4 per issue! For just $8.99 per month you can read hundreds of comic books, share and discuss with your friends and get recommendations based on what you and others read.

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ComicBin is a subscription service for digital comics. For just $8.99 per month you can read hundreds of comic books, share and discuss with your friends and get recommendations based on what you and others read. With a FREE account you can preview all books in our catalogue and read a selection of comics at no charge.

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Focus on reading.
Not organizing.

ComicBin keeps track of what you read and where you left off. Collect your favorite issues in a reading list and share with your friends. Easily find your favorites and read them again. Everything is just a click away.

Read. Amazing. Books.

Hundreds of them!

ComicBin gives you access to over a thousand books, from major publishers like Top Cow to more specialized publishers like 215 Ink and Alterna Comics. And this is just what we've done in the first 3 months. We're working hard to grow our collection and provide you with the best the comic book industry has to offer.


Right where you read.

Share your thoughts. Guess what will happen next. Reminisce. Share war stories. All that, on ComicBin, right next to the book you read.


Find amazing new books.

ComicBin suggests books based on what you've read. Check out what books are currently trending. Check out new arrivals or dig into the archive. There's always something new to discover.

All you can eat

Come hungry!

Read as many books as you want! Discover amazing books from up and coming creators and conveniently read the books you love. All in one place. All for one price.

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At ComicBin we love to show our friends what cool books we've found, what we think was great, and who really should win that fight. We make it easy. That's why you just click one button, and share with all your friends.

Store all your books

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In your pocket.

ComicBin works almost anywhere. Simply open your browser and start reading. We take care of storing the books, so you can focus on doing what you love. Reading comics.

Legal + Fair

Because it's worth it!

We love Comic Books. We love creators. We love artists. ComicBin ensures the people who created what we love are rewarded for their hard work. ComicBin's goal is to give you access to the books you really like, and to allow creators to reach users that really like their content.

Digital + Print

Not Competing.

Digital comics don't have to be a replacement for your comics. Think of them as reading copy, so you can keep your collectible copy safe and fingerprint free. Digital let's you find books that may not be shelved at your local shop. When you find something you love, you'll know what to ask for when making your pull list.

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